Welcome to Season Two

Two weeks ago, I released the first Obsoleet episode in two years. It’s been a long time coming and I simply cannot believe so much time has gone by since that last episode of season one hit the internet. A lot has changed since then and if you followed my sporadic posts over the last two years, you’ll know I picked up some new gear and new goodies along the way.

If you haven’t already seen the new episode, take a minute and check it out. I hoped to give the same old Obsoleet feel with my new equipment, and think that the resulting episode came out nicely. There are still things that I need to work on, and am always working on. My biggest problems have always been sound and lighting, and I aim to work on those as much as possible. I’ve received mostly positive reviews of this past episode, but am always working to improve my previous attempts. Additionally, I admit the last episode was a little light on the content, but I wanted to get out what I could and create some momentum to keep me going even further. If you read my last update, you will know that in addition to the floppy segment from this past episode, I was also working on a Raspberry Pi based segment. Well… I accidentally threw out some of the video I took. Not a big deal as I can recreate it, but it definitely set me back. I hope to push out segments quickly and completely and make sure nothing stays on the back burner for too long.

As for my next segments, I can say that I am working on completing this Raspberry Pi fueled segment and have a few more Raspberry Pi segments coming up behind. I also have some other segments in the works, but I’ve been very RPi focused over the past few weeks and enjoy the interesting, though tedious, challenges that come with the platform.

Additionally, I’ve been working to try to revive some of the services I utilize for the show. Donations have now been expanded, and Dogecoin (as well as your other favorite cryptocurrencies) is now accepted aside from traditional donation services. These changes are reflected on the Donations page as well as a new widget on the left side of the screen. Social networking sites should also see some minor tweaks, and I do hope to redo the iTunes feed. Things are progressing fairly well, and I hope to bring out another episode soon.

As always, feel free to send me your questions, comments, concerns, or episode ideas. I’ve already got a few of each but always consider every bit of feedback I get.

I hope you’re enjoying season two as much as I am so far. See you next episode!


Obsoleet s02e01

Obsoleet s02e01 – Commodore Floppy Copy

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Show Notes

First episode for the new season, using some footage shot last year. This episode focuses on backing up your Commodore disks to create images which can then be archived or played on an emulator.

Showcases the ZoomFloppy, used to connect a Commodore Disk Drive to a modern computer.

This is handy user guide for OpenCBM, http://opencbm.trikaliotis.net/

Also used was CCS64, a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows PCs, http://www.ccs64.com/


Filming & Pubcasting

I took a good amount of time over my spring recess to get back into the swing of things with Obsoleet. Let’s go over what’s been going on.

Since I’m now shooting in high definition and aiming for a 720p release size, I’ve decided to create a new introduction sequence. Nothing too special, just a montage of various shots of tech doing awesome things. Moonlit has also gone ahead (or maybe I badgered him a little) to create a remix of the theme song to go along with the new introduction. I wrapped this up last week.

The season premier will have two main segments: one involving Commodore floppies, and another with a Raspberry Pi. Hopefully that whets your appetite a bit. Both of them involve filming as well as screen capture of some sort or another, so there’s a little more complexity with pulling them off. The first segment has been completely filmed, while the second segment has about 1/3 completed. The other 2/3 shouldn’t take much longer.

Additionally, I will need to do the beginning, end, and transition bits (which should go quickly) and I also want to record a little skit as an opener. Nothing to major there. After dumping all of the footage, it will probably just be a few hours of editing if the software behaves. As for the filming itself, things are going pretty smoothly and I’ve been getting much better at lighting shots.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re getting close to an episode. Here are a few stills as my way of saying thanks for hanging in there.


From the intro.


From the Commodore segment.


From the Commodore segment.

Also, last Friday I was a guest on the Pubcast podcast (I did end up talking about the upcoming episode for a bit) so feel free to check that out if you get a chance. Ultimately, I hope to wrap up filming fairly soon and get started on the next episode.


Season 2, Here We Come

So I’ve been neglecting season two for a little while and though I put some feelers out there for it, I decided to make a big post and officially get the wheels moving. Now that I’ve finished off most of my video side projects, I can focus back on the show.

However, there are some things to consider and some questions I have for you all, the viewers.

Let me start off by saying that the last few months have been anything but a waste. I have the big honkin’ computer, bought some new gear, and have been clearing away data from my crowded camera SD cards and hard drives. I made some short videos, I made a segment for The New Tech, and I’ve been getting pretty decent at going high-def. It’s exciting times. That said, I wanted to start working steadily on season two last month but hit a temporary setback. It’ll make a good blog post one day, but not now. We have important work to do after all.

So while I’ve been toiling away in my mad scientist’s laboratory of technology, I’ve been thinking of where I want to take this new season. All of my previous content was filmed on standard definition tape which won’t cut it very nicely for this new-fangled high definition format I’ve adopted. For starters, I want to do a new intro. So, if you happen to do any sort of graphics work and do animation or 3D rendering or anything like that and would like to contribute something, let me know. Maybe you have a 12 second rotation around an old Western Electric telephone done in Inventor or (like Pat) are doing some interesting video output work with an Arduino. If there’s anything you think would fit in, you know how to get a hold of me.

I’m also interested in what you guys want to see. Is the format working? Do you like the reviews? Are there specific segments that you think I could do or would like to see? Yeah, I get some requests now and then, but not as many as you’d think. Are you interested in more “meta” segments, like how I make the show or a tour of the things I have? Stuff like that.

I’m open to all of your ideas, every which way. Let your imaginations run wild.

Hope to see you in season two.