The Music of Obsoleet

Over the years, I have been asked for the titles and artists for particular songs within Obsoleet episodes. I have gone ahead and compiled a list of all the independent music from the show, all created by Moonlit under his musical project Byte Garden. There are a few bits of music that aren’t done by Moonlit and are simply in the episodes because those are the only examples I had to work with for a specific physical medium. These examples are not included in the list.

Somewhat coincidentally, Moonlit has released two new Byte Garden albums this week (Cathode Lounge and Sound Tracker), full of brand new music he has been working on for some time. Feel free to check out his entire catalog, and download any and all of his music for free.


Obsoleet Season 01 (Whole Season)
Obsoleet ThemeByte Garden

Obsoleet s01e02
Obsoleet ThemeByte Garden

Obsoleet s01e03
Obsoleet ThemeByte Garden

Obsoleet s01e04
Analostalgia (Off of Experimental) – Byte Garden

Obsoleet s01e06
Phenol (Off of Experimental) – Byte Garden
Medicate (Off of Experimental) – Byte Garden

Obsoleet s01e07
Flyback Basement (Off of Experimental) – Byte Garden

Obsoleet s01e08
AmpFETamine (Off of Sarah Tonin) – Byte Garden


Obsoleet Season 02 (Whole Season)
Obsoleet Theme V2 – Byte Garden

Obsoleet s02e01
EOAS (Demo) – Byte Garden

Obsoleet s02e02
DS1-E2 (Demo) – Byte Garden


Auduino and Stuff

It’s been a bit more than two months since the last episode of Obsoleet hit the internet, and you might be wondering what the deal with that is. Well, a multitude of things come into play here. My personal life, and my professional life have undergone some changes lately, and I don’t have the time or energy I once did. I am by no means saying that I have no time whatsoever, things have just hit a crawl. Many of my projects and projects I am involved in are slowing down, though one is actually moving again after years (more on this in the future), and all this is being shifted and optimized as I work with my schedule to do more things I enjoy doing.

Having said that, I still constantly toy with everything. I recently bought an Arduino Uno and set off to build an Auduino that I hope to toy with a bit. It’s a pretty cool and simple analog synthesizer that can make some awesome sounds. I literally sat turning nobs for an hour I was so impressed by it. I also managed to make a little demo video to show what I did,

It isn’t a ‘segment’ by any means, but it is something cool that I thought deserved to be filmed. Will it make its way into a future Obsoleet episode? I hope so. Hope you can find it as interesting as I do.


Odds and Ends

Thought that I’d share a section of which I use to store miscellaneous stuff for the show. Some makes it into an episode, some doesn’t; it is really a mixed bag. Inside you will find the show’s theme song, an earlier version of the theme song, and the VHS Disasterpiece video. More stuff will be coming, and if it is interesting enough, I’ll probably make a post about it. That said, some other stuff may make it onto the archive that never shows up anywhere else, so keep your eyes open.


VHS Disasterpiece

This is not an episode, it is more of an experiment and a product of boredom. Thought I’d share it with the world instead of keep it to myself.

You can also download this (ridiculously large) video in XviD from

I decided I wanted to see how VHS degraded through the process of copying. Some people may be experienced with “workprint” cuts of movies. A workprint is simply an unfinished movie cut of a film meant for inner circulation by film personnel. Workprints can often contain unfinished effects, alternate takes, different endings, etc. This causes them to be highly prized by collectors.

So how does this fit in? Most workprints were dumped to VHS for circulation, and every once in a while these tapes would get taken off the movie set. People would copy a tape, give it to a friend, and continue this process. Most of these workprints have awful wear because of this.

I decided to run episode one of Obsoleet through some VCRs. The episode was streamed to a VCR via a modified Xbox running XBMC. I then copied the tape back and forth through two VCRs about seven times to get this result.

I dumped the tape to DVD via a DVD recorder, which actually tried to correct the tape and made it look even worse. The recorder might have corrected some of the color, but made the video shaky and more distorted.

I ripped the DVD and cut out a segment that I think best shows the degradation of the video.