About time for another update. Luckily, this one is full of good news.

Let’s get down to what’s been going on.

In August, I released an episode for Hacker Public Radio entitled “Hacking Second Hand – Obtaining Old Tech.” It was well received and with any hope I’ll do another one.

Obsoleet.com has now full overtaken the old site, and I think it looks a lot nicer.

Starting early August, I began ordering parts for a computer build. The whole build is outlined here, and was completed in early September. While the build went well, after writing that post I was installing a large amount of software for some floppy disk drive controllers to be used in a future segment. Unfortunately, one of the drivers had a disagreement with my computer and rendered the computer un-bootable. On top of that, I couldn’t restore from any restore points. These things happen.

So, I completely reinstalled the OS and all of the applications I was using. Now, I have been using Sony Vegas to edit Obsoleet since the start of the series, but I am getting more and more fed up with it. It crashes frequently, and it doesn’t like rendering with my GPU. So, I am making the switch to Adobe Premiere if all goes to plan.

Before I abandon Vegas, you may remember that I started a small documentary project back in April. I’m proud to say I’ve been giving a few hours here and there to finish it up. I did a penultimate edit last week to mostly supportive comments, and after some minor audio work I think it’ll be completely done.

Starting in September, I also began work on a segment for The New Tech. It was put off because the computer got hosed and I needed to do some screen capture before it was all completed. As of today, all of the footage for this segment is completed and is currently going up so it can be grabbed and edited for release.

Things are looking good.