About time for another update. Luckily, this one is full of good news.

Let’s get down to what’s been going on.

In August, I released an episode for Hacker Public Radio entitled “Hacking Second Hand – Obtaining Old Tech.” It was well received and with any hope I’ll do another one.

Obsoleet.com has now full overtaken the old site, and I think it looks a lot nicer.

Starting early August, I began ordering parts for a computer build. The whole build is outlined here, and was completed in early September. While the build went well, after writing that post I was installing a large amount of software for some floppy disk drive controllers to be used in a future segment. Unfortunately, one of the drivers had a disagreement with my computer and rendered the computer un-bootable. On top of that, I couldn’t restore from any restore points. These things happen.

So, I completely reinstalled the OS and all of the applications I was using. Now, I have been using Sony Vegas to edit Obsoleet since the start of the series, but I am getting more and more fed up with it. It crashes frequently, and it doesn’t like rendering with my GPU. So, I am making the switch to Adobe Premiere if all goes to plan.

Before I abandon Vegas, you may remember that I started a small documentary project back in April. I’m proud to say I’ve been giving a few hours here and there to finish it up. I did a penultimate edit last week to mostly supportive comments, and after some minor audio work I think it’ll be completely done.

Starting in September, I also began work on a segment for The New Tech. It was put off because the computer got hosed and I needed to do some screen capture before it was all completed. As of today, all of the footage for this segment is completed and is currently going up so it can be grabbed and edited for release.

Things are looking good.




Hacker Public Radio and Other Housekeeping

On August 1st  a show I recorded for Hacker Public Radio (hpr) went live on their site. It is officially titled Hacking Second Hand – Obtaining Old Tech and focuses on getting hardware from the used market. You can listen to it here, http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1043

As for the Obsoleet.com site (which you are on), I have fixed the RSS feeds, and fixed/re-hosted all of the images. Everything should be imported over now, and re tagged as needed. There is some fine tuning to be done but the site is functional. The old site will soon get a post to direct stragglers over, and the old obsoleet.noobodeon.org will direct here as well.

I’ve been doing pre-production for my segment for The New Tech. I should be able to film a bit this weekend, and if not, two weeks from now (as I will be going on vacation). I also ordered some new lighting inspired by the hosts of TNT, so hopefully I can have it set up by the time I start recording.

Lastly, I have finalized my new computer build and have started ordering components. Hopefully it will come together by the end of the month.


Where is Obsoleet?

I haven’t made a new episode in a while. I apologize for that. Let’s talk about what has happened in the interim.

Episode eight came out in February, and I released a short test video a month after with my new camera. In the month of April, I started working on a short documentary, but here is where the snags started. What it really comes down to is my computer being unable to handle editing high definition video. I edited together the footage from the first shoot after a few days, but trying to do anything more than splice clips is next to impossible. I can’t color correct without crashing, precision editing cannot be done with choppy video, and I barely have enough resources to run my editing software yet alone any other applications.

Let’s step aside from this for a minute.

In early May, I started the SaveRev3 project. I actually hinted at this in Obsoleet as an un-named project. Anyways, with the the help of others I have archived all of Revision3’s “Archived Shows” including ones they removed from their site. A nice accomplishment if you ask me. On top of this, I started a new website for the project called Anarchivism. Anarchivism is an ad-hoc/umbrella/do-ocracy destination for archiving projects which has already expanded past the Revision3 efforts to cover other video shows, audio shows, hacker conference media, and demoscene discs. With any luck, it will only get larger.

Aside from this, I have been writing more. A lot more. I have been keeping SaveRev3 status updates, general reviews, editorials, etc. and it has given a new spark to my old habits. Aside from writing for my own site, I have also been contributing articles to The New Tech, a wonderful video podcast and community-oriented site.

This leads in to what’s next. I had originally thought about releasing short one-segment videos to pass the time before I build a brand new computer with all the bells and whistles (Which I’m starting early August). Instead of doing these one-off segments for Obsoleet, I got the idea to contribute them to other shows. I am planning on creating segments for both The New Tech and BSOD in the near future before starting season 2 of Obsoleet. This way, I can still make video while getting my computer together, and have some of the editing responsibilities split with others.

I also plan on branching back out into audio. The New Tech is planning a weekly radio radio show that I hope to be involved with in some capacity. I am also planning an episode of Hacker Public Radio, which has been on the to-do list since before it was even called Hacker Public Radio (TWAT represent!). In addition to all of this, I’ve been considering revamping Techtat so that it has its own podcast in addition to the articles.

So where are we exactly with Obsoleet? Season 2 will pick up after I build an editing rig. Plain and simple. In the mean time, I’ll produce content for other shows, so you can still get your fix. As a little bonus, I’ve recently registered obsoleet.com (which I’ve been waiting to be free since starting the show) and have migrated the site over there (Update your bookmarks). It still needs some work, but it’s getting there bit by bit.

As always, let me know what you think. If you have any additional ideas, suggestions, or gripes, you know how to find me.