Obsoleet Episode 02

Episode 02

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Show Notes

Pocket Tone Dialers
Portable Radio Station

“Pocket Tone Dialers” used a Portatouch2 tone dialer, a Radioshack tone dialer, and a Bell model 500 rotary telephone. The Radioshack tone dialer appears to be modified to relay sound to an audio jack. Also featured was an iPod Video, and a Sony cassette recorder. To relay sound so the camera could hear it, a recorder telephone pickup (Radioshack part 44-583) and a mini audio amplifier (Radioshack part 277-1008) were used.

“CEDs” showed five capacitance electronic discs, also known as Selectavision videodiscs. The discs can be opened with a small screwdriver.

“Portable Radio Station” used a 4-channel stereo microphone mixer (Radioshack part 32-2056), a Dynex Portable Wireless Fm Transmitter, an RCA audio cable, and iPod Video, an RCA male to 1/8 inch male cable, and two Panasonic radios.




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