Obsoleet is the final step in a long struggle to start an IPTV show. With the initial ideas brewing since 2006, Obsoleet broke out in the Summer of 2010. This show is basically about taking something and using it in a new way. Mainly focusing on older technologies, the show has no set format. That said, Obsoleet can be your dose of video-captured hackery from one geek to another.

Famicoman is the writer/editor/director/star/producer for the show. If it’s old and it’s tech, he knows about it.

Moonlit provides the majority of the music for the show, from the snappy theme song to the bits of audio used in segments and transitions.

Obsoleet is currently in rotation on RantTV and ChannelEM.

Obsoleet epsiodes are currently syndicated on TheNewTech.tv and Philly 2600.