Obsoleet Episode 03

Episode 03

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Show Notes

Betamax Basics
Vocoding with the Stylophone
Reel-to-Reel Players

“Betamax Basics” used a Sanyo Betacord VCR 4400, and a broken Sony Betamax SL-HF550. The blank tapes were Kodak and Sony brands with the number L-750. This segment focused on using the Betamax player while providing a brief history.

“Vocoding with the Stylophone” used a Stylophone available from Thinkgeek, http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/musical-instruments/aa64/ . The Stylophone was hooked through the computer using the headphone jack on the stylophone and the line-in jack on my computer’s sound card. Programs featured in the segment were Audacity via http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ , Zerius Vocoder via http://www.epiphyte.ca/code/vocoder.html , and Spectro via http://spectro.enpts.com/ . The segment talked briefly about the Stylophone’s use as an instrument and then demonstrated the ability to use it as a post-recording vocoder tool in the style of bands such as Daft Punk and Electric Light Orchestra.

“Reel-to-Reel Players” used a Concord Tape Recorder, a Tandberg 3300X, and an Akai GX-2300. This segment also made use of a Helix HX-4635 Boombox which is also known in other markets as a Conion C-100F and a Claritone 7980. An iPod Video was used briefly to show the recording capabilities. The segment mainly focused on showcasing the players as well as showing record and playback abilities.




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