Obsoleet Episode 06

Episode 06

“The Belatesode”

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Show Notes

CEDs Part II
Holiday Reviews
Commodore 1702

“CEDs Part II”
Shows the operation of several CED players including:
RCA Selectavision SKT 200
RCA Selectavision SJT 100
RCA Selectavision SFT 100
Zenith CED VP2000

“Holiday Reviews”
Reviews several items:
– “From Betamax to Blockbuster” by Joshua Greenberg
– “Phone Losers of America” by Brad Carter
– Get Lamp DVD
– Pure Pwnage Season One DVD and CD bundle
– Liquid Tape
– Wire Glue
– Digital Video Stabilizer
– Stylophone

“Commodore 1702”
Shows off the use of the Commodore 1702 monitor. Demonstrates homemade s-video to chroma/luma cables for high quality picture using a laserdisc player to pipe video to the monitors.




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