Obsoleet Episode 07

Episode 07

“The Digisode”

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Show Notes

‘Secrets of a Super Hacker’ Review
Digitizing VHS


Shows the basics of Minidisc Net-MD players, transferring to Minidsic from the computer, and playback on a Minidisc deck.

Players used were: MZ-NE410, MZ-N510, MDS-JE500 (deck)

The SonicStage software can be found here, forums.sonyinsider.com/files/file/95-sonicstage-43-ultimate-edition/

NOTE: Registration is required for download, but is free and takes no time at all.

“’Secrets of a Super Hacker’ Review”

ISBN-10: 1559501065

ISBN-13: 978-1559501064

“Digitizing VHS”

Gives a little discussion of methods for transferring VHS.

Shows off the PolyTron Digital Video Stabilizer, Vidicraft Detailer II, Vidicraft Proc Amp, Archer Super Video Processor, Archer Video Enhancer/Stabilizer, Archer Video Color Processor, Archer Video Sound Processor, Ambico Video Enhancer/Audio Mixer, Sima SED-CM Video CopyMaster.

This is followed by a demonstration chaining the VCR —> Stabilizer —> Vidicraft Proc Amp —> Vidicraft Detailer II —> DVD Recorder.




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