Hacker Public Radio and Other Housekeeping

On August 1st  a show I recorded for Hacker Public Radio (hpr) went live on their site. It is officially titled Hacking Second Hand – Obtaining Old Tech and focuses on getting hardware from the used market. You can listen to it here, http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1043

As for the Obsoleet.com site (which you are on), I have fixed the RSS feeds, and fixed/re-hosted all of the images. Everything should be imported over now, and re tagged as needed. There is some fine tuning to be done but the site is functional. The old site will soon get a post to direct stragglers over, and the old obsoleet.noobodeon.org will direct here as well.

I’ve been doing pre-production for my segment for The New Tech. I should be able to film a bit this weekend, and if not, two weeks from now (as I will be going on vacation). I also ordered some new lighting inspired by the hosts of TNT, so hopefully I can have it set up by the time I start recording.

Lastly, I have finalized my new computer build and have started ordering components. Hopefully it will come together by the end of the month.




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